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Performance management begins as soon an employee enters the organization.

The focus of performance management is to plan and align the goals of employees to strategic goals of the organization. Performance management also involves reviewing and assessing progress, developing knowledge and skills as well as the innate abilities of different types of employees.

In general, performance management should provide a space of open discussion to advance the career and strengthen the relationship of the employee and the manager alike.

With traditional management methods no longer in play for progressive organizations, it has become critical to manage the life cycle of an employee into a company with more transparent and open policies, uniform reward and promotion decisions.

Another way of looking at it, great leaders with the backing of insightful organizations, create a balance and a culture of accelerated performance that organizations – both large and small – must have in order to stand out from their competitors.

Leadership educational programs, like those offered by Tonex, focus on this as well as emphasizing transformation rather than simply training. Our human-centered approach to leadership development delivers change that lasts and results that matter.

Research says it all: Leadership coaching is one of the most effective tools available to take leadership development to a deeper and more sustainable level.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers several courses in the area of Performance Management Training, courses that help participants learn that a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a quantifiable matrix that replicates how well an organization is accomplishing its stated goals and objectives.

Performance management training also covers various styles and models of managing people behavior, as well as best practices and effective strategies. You also will be introduced to real-world examples of performance managers.

Current courses in Performance Management Training:

Performance Management Training (2 days)

Leading High Performance Teams Training (2 days)

Engineering Creativity Workshop (3 days)

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