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Phased-Array Radar Systems Engineering Bootcamp is a three-day training program covering phased array radar principles, latest technological developments, software, system analysis, requirements, architecture, design and operation.

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A phased array means an electronically scanned array — a computer-controlled array of antennas which creates a beam of radio waves which can be electronically steered to point in different directions, without moving the antennas.

Phased arrays were invented for use in military radar systems, to scan the radar beam quickly across the sky to detect planes and missiles. These phased array radar systems are now widely used, and phased arrays are spreading to civilian applications. The phased array principle is also used in acoustics, and phased arrays of acoustic transducers are used in medical ultrasound imaging scanners (phased array ultrasonics), oil and gas prospecting (reflection seismology), and military sonar systems.

Participants in the Phased-Array Radar Systems Engineering Bootcamp training examine major subsystems and associated technologies with specialists in those areas.

Learn about principles and the technology of the phased array antenna and radar system engineering, analysis, design, performance and implementation, verification and validation, and operation and maintenance.

Learning Objectives

There’s an 11-point objective, including:

  • Evaluate theory of operation of modern phased-array radars
  • Identify principles, procedures, design, engineering techniques and evolution of phased-array radar technology
  • Discuss Radar Concept of Operation (ConOps), functional architecture, system requirement, system design, architecture, performance, operation and maintenance, and troubleshooting
  • Understanding environmental and terrain effects on radar operations phased-array radar countermeasures target probability of detection and probability of false alarm.
  • Discuss applications and technologies behind  phased-array radar systems technologies

Who Should Attend

  • System Engineers and Designers
  • Software, Hardware and Testing Engineers
  • Technical Managers
  • Technicians
  • Logistics and Support
  • Operations
  • Procurement and Specifications Writing Practitioners


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