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Tonex Training

Training Courses and Seminars Powered by Tonex

For nearly three decades Tonex has specialized in providing contemporary courses in technology and business using an integrated approach to learning that prepares organizations, teams and individuals for superior performance.

Our world class instructors, professors and consultants team together to develop and deliver comprehensive solutions for both live and virtual teaching arenas. The tried and true Tonex method incorporates the science of how people learn and retain information resulting in topic-specific training that sticks.

Tonex training is focused on producing specific learning outcomes that, in turn, lead to specific performance outcomes. We are continually working toward excellence by adding new courses and innovative thinkers to our team in order to ensure that our training programs, course delivery formats, consulting and knowledge training services meet the highest standard of excellence.

We are also different in that we can tailor our courses to the specific needs of an organization resulting in a superior format delivered in the manner our clients require.

Why Tonex courses offer higher learning potential:

  • We synergize disparate data streams to unlock collective insights.
  • Our courses are scalable from enterprises to individuals.
  • We offer learning modalities that exceed traditional approaches.
  • Our training tools contribute to better understanding, faster learning and longer retention of skills and concepts.

Additionally, we offer Free Instructor Support and Coaching after completion of any of the Tonex courses via phone, email, chat and WebEx up to one year.

Learn more about what we do. For more information, questions, comments, contact us.