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Principles of Quantum Physics in 6G

Many now believe that quantum physics in the form of communication can be useful for future 6G networks.

Experts in this field contend that quantum physics can enhance the channel capacity, transmit an unknown quantum state, and achieve a quantum cryptography by exploiting several advanced communication protocols.

Additionally, it’s believed that quantum communication allows better security for 6G communication systems. This is possible by using a quantum key approach, which is based on the uncertainty and the quantum no-cloning principle.

Quantum communication has the ability to increase the effectiveness of detecting unauthorized users. In addition, quantum communication has the ability to provide a high data rate and robust security against cyberattacks.

Quantum techniques can be significantly useful in investigating computationally efficient solutions to classical signal processing problems.

One important advantage of utilizing the quantum domain in communications is high degrees of freedom.

Scientists and engineers explain it like this: By replacing the conventional physical communications channel with the nano-scale objects, that is, photons, electrons, governed by the quantum principle, in terms of logical values of zero and one, it is possible to utilize the linear combinations of these logical values.

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Attendees will also examine why quantum physics may be essential to providing the “secret sauce” necessary for many of the advanced concepts expected with the development of 6G technology.

Additionally, attendants of this cutting-edge course will learn the differences between traditional and quantum computing and how these differences benefit 6G.

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