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The basis of electromagnet warfare (electronic warfare) is a radio frequency (RF) weapon using radio waves at power levels high enough to cause electrical disruption.

Microwaves (high-frequency radio waves) are usually preferred, so this type of device is sometimes called a High-Powered Microwave, or HPM weapon.

Radio frequency weapons also overlap with electromagnetic pulse, or EMP weapons, which emit a powerful burst of radio waves in all directions. Though most forms of electronic warfare refer to disruption or interception of electromagnetic signals, there are some formats like electromagnetic pulses that work in a way very similar to that of conventional explosives.

But instead of an explosion of heat and fire EMP gives out a burst of electromagnetic energy. This sudden burst of very high-power electromagnetic energy can disrupt and permanently damage electronic components in its vicinity. Its effect can be compared to the effect solar flares have on our satellites. High-power EMPs can damage physical objects including humans.

Electronic defense is another form of electromagnetic warfare based on the use of RF technology.

Electronic defense is the capability of a military to defend its facilities, personnel, radars and communication channels from an enemy’s electronic attacks. As mentioned earlier, electronic attacks can have devastating effects on the functioning of the military.

This marks another important category of electronic warfare because a successful electronic attack from the opponent can make facilities and personnel highly vulnerable.

Spread spectrum technologies are a widely used method of electronic defense. Other examples of electronic defense are the use of restricted frequency, stealth technology, and emission control.

Then there’s electronic self-protection that can be considered to be similar to electronic defense. It basically consists of countermeasures to protect aircrafts from enemy weapons fire.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers RF Applied to Electromagnetic Warfare, a 4-day training program that provides a deep understanding of the RF principles applied to Electromagnetic Warfare (EW) systems. 

Through lectures, discussions and hands-on lab using spectrum analyzer and logic analyzer participants will learn about RF principles, electromagnetic waves, propagation, and antenna principles applied to radar systems and operation, radar-enabled weapons, jamming and interference principles.

Also learn about Electronic Attack, disrupt, deny, degrade, destroy, or deceive, Electronic Protection, preventing a receiver from being jammed or deceived and Electronic Support, sensing of the electromagnetic spectrum, EW RF threat modeling and simulation, and EW concepts and application in TDLs such as Link 16, TTNT, Link 22, VMF and more. 

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