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In simple terms, root cause analysis (RCA) is a problem-solving method for the identification of root causes of problems.

The root cause analysis technique provides outcomes that serve as a basis for creating a corrective strategy to prevent further recurrence of the same issue.

The RCA method is successfully used to identify root causes and contributing factors to a problem and create a prevention plan. In combination with other problem-analysis techniques such as barrier analysis, risk tree analysis, etc., root cause analysis is helpful for incident management, maintenance issues, productivity issues, risk analysis, among other uses.

Analysts believe the benefits of root cause analysis are considerable. For example, RCA can:

  • Help to describe a problem as well as identify and determine its primary cause(s)
  • Create a prevention plan and identifies organizational improvement opportunities

Of course, there are several different approaches to performing a root cause analysis depending on the field of application. For instance, there’s the causal factor analysis technique, which  refers to the process of establishing cause and effect.

This technique requires the definition of correlation, sequence of events, a mechanism for observation of the effects of a possible cause, and eliminating the possibility of additional alternative causes. The method is successfully applied in the fields of statistics or experimental designs.

Risk tree analysis is another popular RCA technique. This is a is a modeling technique for analyzing a system’s positive and negative consequences, given that a triggering event is probable to occur.

Risk tree analysis employs an event tree modeling technique with a single event at its root and multiple event branches. The method is widely applied in a range of systems such as nuclear and chemical plants.

Risk tree analysis helps to identify potential defects early in the process before the actual issue has occurred. In this sense, the method is also an adequate risk assessment tool that prevents the occurrence of negative outcomes.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers Root Cause Analysis Workshop, a 2-day course that focuses on practical root cause analysis knowledge and skills. Attendees will learn about procedures and tools to analyze the causes of problems to determine corrective actions.

The workshop consists of lectures, practical examples, case studies and role-playing to provide participants with an in-depth knowledge and tools analyze and identify the root causes of problems and mitigations.

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