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Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) systems gather information from adversaries’ electronic signals. 

Analysts then evaluate this raw SIGINT data from foreign communication systems, radars and weapon systems, and transform it into actionable intelligence.  The information generated by these systems offers insight into adversaries’ actions, capabilities, and intentions before they are carried out.

In other words, SIGINT is intelligence-gathering by interception of signals, which encompasses communications between people or from electronic signals not directly used in communication.

Algorithms help SIGNET systems automates the low-level detection and classification tasks. This frees up military personnel to focus on higher level tactical decision making. This way, the system becomes another team member, with a supervising human in the loop to authorize the appropriate military response.

In addition, through SIGNET automation, a commander can gain an “EM signature picture” of his forces as they are arrayed in the battlespace. This way, he can glean valuable information on his own EM signature and use that information to improve or implement additional passive and active actions to increase survivability.

SIGINT is commonly grouped into three sub-disciplines:

  • Communications Intelligence (COMINT) — The interception of communication between people and groups
  •  Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) — The intercepting of electronic signals which are not specifically used for communication
  • Foreign Instrumentation Signals Intelligence (FISINT) — The collection of signals created by the testing and use of foreign weapons systems 

SIGINT  software tools are used individually to help with specific segments of the intelligence production and reprogramming cycle, or they can be used collectively to assist with the entire process. This plug-and-play functionality makes this software flexible and expandable to address emerging needs. When used as a suite, users experience a common user interface, integrated services and a seamless data exchange between individual tools.

Want to learn more about SIGINT? Tonex offers Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) Training Bootcamp, a 3-day course covering all aspects of  Signals Intelligence including Communications Intelligence (COMINT), Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) and Foreign Instrumentation Signals Intelligence (FISINT).

Tonex also offers seven more courses in Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, C4ISR, including:

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