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Space security needs to be addressed by more nations.

This was the conclusion of the U.S. Department of Defense in December at the conclusion of the Combined Space Operations Initiative Principals Board (CSpO) in Berlin.

The annual event brought together DoD political and military space leadership from the U.S., Australia, Canada, France, Germany, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and also welcomed three new members of CSpO: Italy, Japan and Norway.

The 10 members of CSpO discussed opportunities to further advance both operational cooperation and information sharing for the space domain with emphasis on space security.

The nations’ representatives emphasized the need to continue to promote a rules-based international order and responsible behavior in space, while collaboratively addressing challenges to the safety and security of space-related operations.

U.S. Space Force representatives were vocal in expressing the U.S. commitment to deter conflict and reinforce the security of the space domain.

Space security threats include:

  • Tracking and monitoring satellites and their transmissions
  • Electronic attack (EA) against space-based services at the transmission site, the satellite, and the user’s equipment
  • Physical attacks against current satellites and spacecraft
  • The use of space for adversary force enhancement and adversary intelligence preparation of the battlefield

The preeminence of space in international security derives from the integral role it plays in support of military operations, the dependence of strategic stability on assets in orbit, and the increasingly contested nature of space as a warfighting domain.

Developments in counter-space assets have serious implications for security and stability in the 21st century.

One particular organization IS4 (International Society of Space and Security Specialists) has become a leader in offering Certified Space Security Specialist Professional (CSSSP) and other space cybersecurity certifications.

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