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Strong teams are important in businesses of all sizes – but the problem too often is that businesses focus on making customers happy and neglect the needs of their employees.

An organization’s leadership plays an important role here in overseeing activities that promote team building.

Team building creates stronger bonds among the members of a group. The individual members respect each other and their differences and share common goals and expectations.

Team building has other benefits as well, such as:

  • Improves employee motivation
  • Increases productivity
  • Encourages collaboration

Team building can involve structured activities and exercises led by team members. Or, with the proper budget and goals, managers can contract out for facilitation with an external resource. External facilitation by an experienced person can give your team building a boost.

But, while team building activities should undoubtedly be fun, in order to maximize their effectiveness they should help promote your company values — otherwise they can be forgotten or misinterpreted.

In fact, the most effective team building events not only communicate company values but also have tangible back to work benefits. It is equally important to choose the right fit for your company in order to see the best return on investment.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers Team Building Training, a 3-day course that teaches participants the principals, methods and skills required to gather a high-performance team. Constructing an effective team is one of the essential skills of a leader, as a leader cannot succeed without a great team. Therefore, how you arrange your team, whom you put in your team, and how you lead your team matters substantially.

Additionally, Tonex offers dozens of different courses in a dozen categories in Leadership training. There are over 50 leadership courses in our Business Skills category alone. 

Other Training categories include:

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