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There’s more to building an effective team than simply hiring talented candidates.

For a team to be truly effective, its members must unite with the same vision and be motivated to bring that vision to life. They must share clear, measurable goals, and be committed to each play their part in the overall success of the group.

Leadership professionals recommend following a series of steps in order to put together a productive team. Step one is to define the purpose:

Clearly define the purpose of the team, including the overall outcome it has been brought together to achieve. You need to ask these questions:

  • What do you want to create, improve or change?
  • What is the purpose of each person’s role in the team?

Providing a clear, inspiring vision sets the foundation for successful teamwork, and helps guide the direction of the group when they face challenges and decisions.

After assembling the team and determining goals, set expectations. To ensure that each member understands what is expected of them, define a standard of conduct for the team. Make it clear that contributions will be encouraged and communications honest and open. Setting clear standards from the outset will ensure that conduct and contributions are appropriate for all team members.

It is also a good idea to monitor and review the performance of the team going over what has been achieved, what is working and what is lacking.

With trends toward remote work, it is critical to ensure that team members are on the same page. Creating trustworthy relationships to overcome the virtual distance between remote team members will impact success. Video chats and phone conversations become beneficial for increasing connectivity and communication, and avoiding the sense of isolation that teams may experience. 

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