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Time Management and Organization Skills Training: How you control your time is one of the few things in life we actually can control.

Making the most of your time and achieving the life that you dream of requires not only developing a set of effective time management skills, but creating a mental shift in how you think about time management best practices.

Experts in time management offer many tips in how to more effectively manage and organize our day in order to be more productive. While these recommendations can apply to just about every aspect of our lives, they are more frequently directed to how we function in the workplace.

One tip that comes up over and over is how we respond to questions regarding helping out. There’s a tendency to agree to help without giving the question much thought. This is because we like to please others. However, our experts recommend avoiding instant answers. Automatically answering in the affirmative even though we are too busy or uninterested in the task can be a real time waster.

It’s better to hold off on giving an answer. Rather than making an immediate commitment, take time to ensure you commit only to tasks that support your core values and goals. If you are asked to do something out of left field, be bold and politely decline.

At the end of a month or two, analyze how much more time you had to work on problems in your area by not rushing into an ill-accepted task.

Another recommendation: Avoid burnout by working on tasks in 20-minute increments. Set an alarm for 20 minutes and give everything you have to a task in that time span. This means no distractions such as email, smartphones, trips to the cafeteria, etc. When the 20 minutes are up, take a small break then go back to giving it your all for another 20 minutes.

Also avoid procrastination, which will make you feel guilty you haven’t started a task, which in turn makes us dread doing the task. Often, procrastinators feel that they have to complete a task from start to finish, and this high expectation makes them feel overwhelmed and anxious.

As with the 20-minute increment strategy, procrastination can be prevented but deploying an action plan where the task is broken down into manageable steps. Doing this can stop you from feeling overwhelmed at the start of something new.

Time Management and Organization Skills Training

Tonex offers Time Management and Organizational Skills Course, a 2-day class where participants learn to lock out mental distractions and eliminate bottlenecks that slow you down. Attendees will also discover ways to maximize efficiency, such as organizing work space and aligning priorities.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for a wide array of professionals from process and IT engineers to all levels of business management.

Why Tonex?

–Reasonably priced classes taught by the best trainers is the reason all kinds of organizations from Fortune 500 companies to government’s most important agencies return for updates in courses and hands-on workshops.

–Ratings tabulated from student feedback post-course evaluations show an amazing 98 percent satisfaction score.

–Presenting highly customized learning solutions is what we do. For over 30 years Tonex has worked with organizations in improving their understanding and capabilities in topics often with new development, design, optimization, regulations and compliances.

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