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Voice services are a fundamental offering for mobile operators, and when performed using a 5G Standalone (SA) network, it is called Voice over New Radio (VoNR).

After several companies successfully tested VoNR toward the end of 2019, consumers can soon expect a fully available 5G networking experience. Currently, a hybrid 5G exists in several cities throughout the U.S., which incorporates the older 4G technology while the 5G infrastructure is being built out.

The ability to complete VoNR calls will be an important step in the global mobile industry’s evolution from non-standalone to standalone, as it will allow operators to deliver high-quality voice service without having to rely on VoLTE (voice over LTE) or an LTE anchor.

Voice over New Radio marks the maturity of the 5G end-to-end ecosystem. Advantages of standalone 5G over the non-standalone version are considerable, and includes:

  • Lower costs for operators
  • Better performance for users
  • Eliminates the issue of “upswitching” latency (this occurs when a device first switches from LTE to 5G)
  • Enables a range of new services and simplifies network architectures

VoNR includes ultra-high definition voice/audio for both voice-only calls as well as integration with applications and content such as announcements, music, conferencing and more.

VoNR could mean that virtual reality telepresence communication becomes a realistic option anytime, anywhere, according to experts. VoNR is also expected to be a critical feature which will be embedded in new 5G-enabled services such as augmented reality, virtual reality, remote robotics control, and various IoT-enabled services. Voice over new radio should also become a foundation for applications in gaming and entertainment, industrial settings, healthcare and much more.

In general, VoNR could have a big impact for businesses, making remote working and teleconferencing much more effective and viable.

The biggest regional market for VoNR is forecast to be North America, which could see revenues worth up to $29.1 billion by 2023. Asia and Europe will follow with 77% and 69.3% revenue growth respectively.

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