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VSAT (very small aperture terminals) is a technology used to define two-way-satellite communications.

VSAT systems use small dish antennas that vary from 75 cm to 2.4 meters in diameter. VSAT terminals access satellites in orbit, to transfer data from one earth station to another or to access the internet (two-way satellite internet).

More and more organizations are investing in VSAT technology due to the substantial benefits. These include:

  • Installation: VSAT services are deployed in hours or minutes
  • Coverage: It can be available anywhere with clear line of sight between VSAT antenna disc and satellite over the earth. It is popular in hilly areas where other mode of communication is either not available or difficult to install
  • Price: VSAT terminals are cheaper
  • Upgradation: It is flexible to add a VSAT site and increase the bandwidth as per future requirements
  • Service charges: It depends on the bandwidth allocated as per user requirements
  • Most modern VSAT systems use TCP/HTTP and other acceleration protocols to have superior performance in spite of latency limitation as outlined below
  • VSAT provides same quality of service and speed at all the locations across the entire VSAT network
  • VSAT services are independent of other wired and wireless mediums used as transmission network service provider. Hence it is a great backup system which is available during disaster and emergency situations
  • VSAT terminals and indoor/outdoor hardware can be installed on truck or van and can be used even in mobility conditions.
  • There are no last mile issues in VSAT operations

According to industry analysts, VSAT is a viable solution for private as well as government organizations to establish a secure and private fast communication system for sending and receiving of data, video and voice.

VSAT is considered a Star Topology-based communication system where a hub or central office is connected with various end points via satellite.

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