Course NameLength

Course NameLength
Android Training | Android App Development Training Course3 days
Blackberry Mobile Applications Development Training3 days
Blackberry Tablet Application Development Training4 days
HTML5 Training | HTML5 Training Course4 days
iOS Mobile App Development Crash Course3 days
iOS Training – iOS App Development Training4 days
jQuery Mobile Training3 days
Mobile App Development Certificate Training5 days
Mobile App Development Training | Mobile Application Development Training4 days
Mobile App Ethical Hacking Training | Mobile Penetration Testing Training3 days
Mobile App Security Training | Mobile Applications and Device Security Training3 days
Mobile Application Development Training Crash Course4 days
Mobile Application Development Workshop2 days
Mobile Applications Development Certificate Program2 Weeks
Mobile Applications Business Analysis | Development Requirements3 days
Python Programming Bootcamp | 3-Day Introduction3 days
Titanium Training – Building Native Apps2 days
Windows Phone Development Training3 days

Tonex offers comprehensive Mobile Application Development courses designed to equip participants with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the dynamic world of app development. Explore cutting-edge technologies and industry best practices to create innovative mobile applications.

Who Should Attend:

  • Aspiring mobile app developers
  • Software engineers and programmers
  • IT professionals seeking to expand their skillset
  • Entrepreneurs interested in app development

Key Topics to Learn:

  • Mobile app architecture and design principles
  • iOS and Android app development
  • Cross-platform development with frameworks like React Native
  • User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design
  • Mobile app security and performance optimization
  • App deployment and distribution strategies
  • Monetization and app marketing strategies
  • Emerging trends in mobile app development.