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Writing Skills Training

Writing skills training helps you develop and improve the skills you need in order to write clear, to the point, persuasive, and understandable. Writing is one of the most crucial communication skills that helps you express your opinions, share your knowledge, demonstrate your findings, and many more. If done right, writing is the most effective way of communication and transferring information.

In this training, we will teach you how to compose strong and impressive start and end, construct simple yet interesting sentences, express your points clearly, avoid grammatical errors, proofread your own writing, and present it as it’s deserved. Below is an overview of what will be discussed in this hands-on training course:

Writing skills training

Written Communication Main Elements

  • Structure
  • Style
  • Content

How to Write in a Format Suitable to your Audience?

  • How much information and detail you need to share?
  • When should you and shouldn’t you use specialist terms and words?
  • Should your writing be formal or informal, how much?

Writing Checklist

  • Structure
    • Is it clear and easy to understand and follow?
    • Do headings stand out?
    • Is the information organized in a logical order with a proper introduction, middle, and conclusion?
    • Does the introduction clearly state the subject and purpose?
    • Does it briefly recapitulate the content?
  • Style
    • Does it look well-ordered and elegant?
    • Is it brief, with a precise use of words and economy of style?
    • Is it simple, direct and articulate?
    • Are paragraphs too long?
    • Are sentences too complicated?
    • Is the first sentence persuasive enough?
    • Have you avoided jargon when it’s not necessary?
    • Is the style appropriate for the targeted audience?
  • Content
    • Have you checked the spelling and punctuation?
    • Have you decided what exactly you want to say?
    • Have you outlined the critical points you would like to make?
    • Have you logically developed your argument?
    • Have you permitted detail to obscure the main issues?
    • Have you shown an interest in the reader by writing with warmth, sensitivity and friendliness?
    • Have you revised it adequately, improving the text until it is just right?


Writing skills training is a 2-day course designed for all the individuals interested in improving their general writing skills.

What Will You Learn?

  • Overview of Writing Skills
  • Descriptive Writing
  • Types of Writing
  • Writing Process, Step-by-Step
  • Common Grammatical Mistakes
  • Structuring
  • Critical Writing
  • Checklist to Review Your Writing
  • Proofreading

Writing Skills Training

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