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Reports show that around two-thirds of organizations had planned on launching 5G as of the end of 2020.

Those that haven’t got in the game yet stand to fall behind their competitors for a very long time.

This is because 5G architecture will supercharge everything businesses and people do. Whether it is about enabling immersive AR/VR experiences, ultra-high definition videos for medical applications or a large number of multimedia sensors working in cohesion for a factory of the future, any business that takes the lead in adopting 5G capabilities will be positioned to drive higher enterprise value.

The experts are very clear about this: In a 5G world, businesses can increase their global footprint exponentially by making the right strategic decisions.

Companies will become more efficient, humans will be able to perform more valuable work and customers will benefit from global connectivity, in the vision of 3GPP. The future of business is undoubtedly linked to 5G, and for those who are prepared, that business should be a very prosperous one.

For organizations lagging behind the 5G curve, they should give considerable thought to jumping in the game as soon as possible. When 5G first rolled out in 2019, it was a hybrid technology that had to rely on its predecessor 4G as carriers scurried to build a 5G-specific infrastructure and collected zoning permits from municipalities around the country.

But now carriers are about to offer a more advanced 5G that functions without the assistance of previous, slower, wireless architectures. This new 5G is called standalone (SA) where a smartphone connects exclusively to 5G signals and uses a modern 5G core network.

Standalone 5G is the future of the 5G experience. 5G standalone networks can be deployed in a variety of scenarios: as an overlay for a public 5G non-standalone (NSA) network, as a greenfield 5G deployment for a public network operator without a separate LTE network, or as a private network deployment for an enterprise, utility, education, government or any other organization requiring its own private campus network.

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