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5G technology is revolutionizing mobile networking. And, as with every revolution, there’s also a period of adjustments.

With 5G, those adjustments are squared up with increased cybersecurity concerns.

For example, the expanded bandwidth of 5G provides attackers with new avenues for launching cyber-attacks. That’s because one of the critical infrastructure requirements for implementing 5G networks is installing many short-range, low cost small cell antennas within the 5G coverage area.

Cybersecurity professionals fear that these base stations could become attack targets for one simple reason: Whoever controls them can control some of the network’s aspects. For the cell sites to be functional, they are required to use 5G’s feature-capability known as Dynamic Spectrum Sharing.

These allow multiple information streams to share the same bandwidth in the “slices,” and each slice contributes its own cyber risk degree. What this means is the cyber protection practices must become dynamic as 5G will see more software permitting network functions to shift more dynamically.

Besides, many security experts feel that cyber protection should be dynamic rather than depending on the uniform approach of the lowest common factor.

5G Cybersecurity and 5G Technologies

5G technologies themselves are another crucial enabler for 5G network security. Most companies are now aware of 5G cybersecurity risks – and if they aren’t they should be through training and education. Companies providing network services need to demonstrate sufficient cybersecurity defenses that can sustain 5G network security.

Not only is it important to have a cybersecurity plan in place to protect your organization’s internal information, but it is also important in order to protect client information. While much has been written about cybercriminals in foreign state-sponsored operations, many cyber breaches in recent years have also occurred through vendors.

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