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5G is a physical overhaul of our essential networks that will have a decades long impact.

This 5G conversion is mostly an all software one. This means future upgrades will be software updates very much like those for smartphones and computers. This has cybersecurity professionals very concerned due to the security vulnerabilities of software in general.

Basically, security experts want to see a new approach to security with the build out of 5G networks. One key they say is for companies to recognize and be held responsible for a new cyber duty of care. In other words, there needs to be a new corporate culture in which cyber risk is treated as an essential corporate duty. There might even be incentives in monetary, regulatory or other forms.

Also, because cyberattacks on 5G will be software attacks, experts argue there should be software protections. A mistake made in the fight against cybercriminals in the past has been the focus on fighting a software fight with people rather than treating the attackers as machines. In reality the speed and breadth of computer-driven cyberattacks requires the speed and breadth of computer-driven protections at all levels of the supply chain.

This kind of protection is only available through the implementation of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) sources.

Cybersecurity personnel also feel it’s mandatory to incorporate cybersecurity into the manufacturing of products rather than as an afterthought add-on. This is happening somewhat now, but must be carried out 100% for the 5G era.

In the past, for many application developers, a core agile development tenet has been sprinting to deploy a minimum viable product, accepting risk, and committing to later providing consumer-feedback-driven upgrades once the product gains a following. But now software companies and those providing innovative, software-based products and services must insert cybersecurity in the process as a design, deployment, and sustainment consideration for every new project.

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