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With the relatively slow rollout of 5G networks in the U.S. this year along with the forewarning that 5G wouldn’t reach its potential for several years, sales of 5G devices were expected to be sluggish.

However, this has not been the case. In fact, Goldman Sachs has upped the number of 5G devices expected to be deployed next year from 50 million to 120 million.

Successful 5G network buildouts are expected to be the driver pushing 5G device availability. Goldman Sachs thinks this could be explosive for smartphone makers such as Samsung and Apple and for U.S. carriers as they continue expanding their 5G coverage.

As of Dec. 19, 2019, the major carriers and the number of U.S. cities they cover with 5G looks something like this:

  • Verizon 22 cities now; eight more cities soon
  • AT&T 25 cities now; three more soon
  • Sprint nine cities
  • T-Mobile six

Furthermore, as new use cases for 5G emerge, the next generation of mobile technology is expected to find success in the enterprise space as well. 5G will bring higher speeds, increased network capacity and lower latency to enterprise spaces, and many companies, like Samsung, are actively looking into how 5G technologies can improve manufacturing environments and create smarter factories.

Research from TeleGeography shows that there are 34 3GPP standardized commercial 5G networks globally, with 77 anticipated by the end of 2019. Further, Ovum predicts that by end of 2021, there will be 156 million 5G connections worldwide and 32 million in North America alone.

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