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Digital twins are shaping the future of the military.

For example, the DoD built the largest-ever digital twin – a massive, interconnected, systems-of-systems platform that has already ingested massive amounts of information for analysis and use.

The data reflects almost 29,000 acres of geographic information system layers; 32,000 square feet of road and airfield pavement; 14,000 acres of terrain and topography in a digital elevation model; approximately 2.4 million feet of water, gas, and other utility assets; and more than 100 facility BIMs.

Integration of enterprise data systems, such as real property and sustainment management (i.e., facility condition assessment) systems, feeds key data sets that enable never-before-seen analysis and contextualized visualization of results to support critical decisions.

Today the Tyndall digital twin accurately visualizes the base in extended reality (XR) while preserving the engineering and technical data underpinning every object in the digital environment.

This work is enabling the Air Force to implement a powerful, user-friendly, technically sophisticated engineering tool for stakeholders at all levels to explore in the Tyndall Hololab.

Digital twins are also gaining traction in military satellite programs.

A digital twin of a missile tracking satellite network, for example, helps decision makers tweak requirements before they acquire the satellites.

The Space Force is using a digital twin to plan an experiment called Tetra 5, to refuel satellites in orbit. This is an example of a program that requires the delivery of a digital twin along with the physical system.

Military analysts believe the Space Force could really benefit from this technology. A satellite operator, for example, would train on the same model that the engineer is designing on. This would be a true digital thread, allowing engineers to constantly update and improve their designs with real-time data from the users.

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