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Energy storage solutions are receiving high marks in the energy sector.

Energy storage is a useful tool to support grid electrical supply, transmission and distribution systems. Utilities, grid system operators and regulators benefit from it as switching to storage mechanism strengthens grid resiliency and reliability.

Consequently, this ensures higher efficiencies across the grid as well as eliminates the need for reliance on other higher greenhouse gas (GHG) footprint options that would otherwise be preferred with zero storage options.

Generally, energy storage is grouped into four basic energy storage categories:

  • Electric Vehicles (EVs) – EVs operate with energy stored in batteries. Also, the regenerative braking method absorbs energy, converts it back to electrical energy, and returns the energy to the batteries.
  • Remote/ off the Grid locations – For people living in remote off-grid locations, battery energy storage is helpful as storage can be connected to solar panels to provide a reliable and grid-free electricity supply.
  • Rooftop Solar Panels – Homeowners installing their own energy storage can store more power generated by their rooftop panels, and save more money on their electricity bills.
  • Electricity Grid – The energy retrieved from batteries can be used in times of peak demand.

Benefits of energy storage are numerous such as improved and reliable electric supply. Storage can also support the efficient delivery of electricity for base load plants like coal that have slow ramp-up times when responding to grid. 

Energy storage also provides higher grid efficiency. This can improve the efficiency of the grid by increasing the capacity factor of existing resources and offset the need to depend on pollution-emitting peak power plants. 

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