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Energy storage systems are essential to the operation of power systems.

These systems ensure continuity of energy supply and improve the reliability of the system. They can be in many forms and sizes. The size, cost, and scalability of an energy storage system highly depend on the form of the stored energy. Energy can be stored as potential, kinetic, chemical, electromagnetic, thermal, etc.

Chemical energy storage systems include:

  • Batteries
  • Flow batteries
  • Fuel cells

Mechanical (kinetic and potential) energy storage systems include:

  • Pumped storage hydropower
  • Flywheels
  • Pressurized gas storage systems

Thermal energy can be stored as a molten salt and is also mainly used for large-scale systems. Magnetic energy can be stored in superconducting magnetic storage systems, which is still a relatively new and expensive technology.

Some energy storage forms are better suited for small-scale systems and some are used only for large-scale storage systems. Chemical batteries for instance are well suited for small systems ranging from watches and computers to building backup systems but are still expensive when megawatt scales are considered.

Contrasted to chemical battery type storage, pumped hydropower storage, which stores huge amounts of energy in the form of potential energy of water, can be found only in large power systems.

All of these technologies can be paired with software that controls the charge and discharge of energy.

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