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There’s a mindset adjustment involved in practicing high performance leadership.

This kind of leadership sees teams and workplace differently. Leaders prioritize the things that will not only motivate employees once, but keep them inspired and excited, giving them the ability to increase their productivity so that the company’s bottom line can grow, while also making a bigger impact in the world.

Studies show that high performance leadership is worth practicing because it’s profitable. Most companies deliver average profit margins. A few, however, deliver operating profit margins that are 50% to 150% above the industry average. Even fewer also grow well above the industry average — they take market share and maximize profits simultaneously. They enjoy superior growth, increasing profitability, better utilizing capital and, therefore, escalating market capitalization.

What accounts for the differences? The exceptional companies maintain a high-performance culture that drives everything they do. And this isn’t just about skillset. It’s also about core values.

A fundamental attribute of all high performing leaders is their ability to earn a high level of trust from their team/followers. This involves trust in a leader’s competence and trust in their character.

In terms of their competence, a leader should have the skills to do their job and be able to apply their skills under pressure. Their team sees that they are in control, understand the fundamentals and works hard to get the job done.

In terms of character, they should remain true to their word and put the teams needs first when required to do so.

High-performing leaders also take an interest in the individual. They get to know your background and let you get to know them too and aren’t afraid to show their vulnerability.

This is imperative in building a strong professional relationship and a level of mutual trust. When leaders demonstrate an interest in people and their work it helps to develop a mutual commitment to the job.

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