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Without question, moving apps to the cloud has revitalized interest in IT modernization, and organizations and government agencies are looking to apply the tools, approaches and knowledge into all their applications portfolio initiatives.

Organizations are also working diligently to increase agility, deliver innovative and engaging experiences to clients, and stay ahead of competition.

Increasingly, companies are modernizing business applications to make these business goals a reality. Specialists in this area believe that modernizing applications is generally composed of three transformations:

  • Cloud-Native Architecture – The example used for this is how a cloud-native architecture journey transforms organizations from monolithic applications to containerized microservices applications where lightweight data collectors have a key role in enabling success.
  • Continuous Delivery – This is also critical to business transformation success. Teams may be responding to industry pressure to keep up with competitors, often cloud-native companies, who are pushing updates out faster. The bar is set increasingly higher as users become accustomed to applications that are highly reliable and frequently updated.
  • Infrastructure Automation – This is the use of technology that performs tasks with reduced human assistance in order to control the hardware, software, networking components, operating system (OS), and data storage components used to deliver information technology services and solutions.

Experts believe one excellent way to begin on the continuous delivery journey is to start adopting an agile approach to development. Incorporating a DevOps approach also adds another important component in this journey.

DevOps involves increasing collaboration and implementing a tighter feedback loop between the development and operations teams. This enhanced connectivity between the teams translates to increased speed of delivery, along with increased reliability and stability in production.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers IT Modernization, Agile and DevOps courses where participants learn about next generation technologies, business processes and IT skills.

All told, Tonex offers more than a dozen courses in IT Modernization, Agile and DevOps, including:

Agile Process Development | With Scrum (2 days)

DevOps Training Bootcamp (4 days)

Digital Transformations Training Bootcamp (3 days)

Capacity Planning Training (4 days)

DevOps Workshop (2 days)

Agile Test and Evaluation Training Bootcamp (3 days)

Certified SCRUM Master Training Course (2 days)

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