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Leadership training has become a balancing act between understanding technology and having an appreciation for ethics. 

Of course, no single code of technology ethics can fit all contexts and practitioners. Organizations should therefore develop explicit internal policies, procedures, guidelines, and best practices that are specifically adapted to their own activities and challenges.

Some aspects to consider: 

Highlight the human lives and interests behind the technology.​ Especially in technical contexts, it’s easy to lose sight of what technology actually does to human lives and interests. Even when the technology involves non-human entities it’s being employed for important human purposes and interests. 

What it comes down to, much of technology involves the most sensitive aspects of human beings’ lives such as their bodies, their finances, their social relationships, and their emotional and mental states. 

A decent human will handle another person’s body, money, or mental condition with due care; the same ethical duties apply with an organization’s leadership development, in particular when developing technologies that touch these and other important aspects of people’s lives.

It’s equally germane for an organization’s leaders to envision the technical ecosystem — that is, keep in mind the full context in which the technology we are working on exists now, and for what purpose, as well as keep in mind where the technology we handle today will be going tomorrow. 

In fact, technology practices are never isolated from a broader socio-technological ecosystem that includes powerful social forces and instabilities not under our control; we must consider our ethical practices and obligations in light of that bigger picture.

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