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There’s a lot more to leadership than job titles.

Leadership isn’t limited to CEOs, supervisors and managers. Team members down in the trenches also set the bar higher through their actions, thoughts and treatment of others.

For example, it’s important to engage efficiently in group facilitation. In other words, it’s important to learn how to work within a group – especially if you would like to lead a group in the future. Take on a leadership role if one is presented to you, whether it’s on a subcommittee or leading a side project. This may include taking on a leadership role that nobody else wanted to volunteer for, leading an event, or just organizing a group of people that need guidance.

This is an excellent way to hone in on your leadership skills and practice facilitating your group toward productive work to show those around you what you can do.

Also, even if you’re not a in a supervisor, manager, or executive role, you can still give feedback to others. If you do have a suggestion for another person regarding something they can improve or work on, make sure you can support your point and know how to deliver the feedback in a respectful manner.

Positive feedback is also beneficial. There’s nothing wrong with making those around you realize that people are paying attention to their work and it is appreciated.

Leadership qualities can also be demonstrated by showing respect to other employees and being responsive. Individuals like to be acknowledged and know that you hear what they say. Being responsive will show others that you care and are engaged in what they’re doing.

Good communication skills also apply beyond the leadership ranks. It’s always a good idea tolisten more, talk less. Make sure to listen to what others have to say, as they may come up with better ideas or different solutions to problems. As you listen, think of some meaningful questions to ask the speaker. Show that you do have an interest in what they’re saying and show you care. 

If you truly strive to be a part of your organization’s leadership core, don’t limit yourself to what your job title or job description outlines. Attend seminars, trainings, or workshops to further improve your leadership skills and develop the ability to work with and guide others.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers Leadership Skills for Non-Supervisors Training, a 2-day course designed to teach participants how to lead from their role in an organization.

Additionally, Tonex offers dozens of different courses in a dozen categories in Leadership training. There are over 50 leadership courses in our Business Skills category alone. 

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