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LTE (Long-Term Evolution) Advanced Pro is not 5G, but it does provide a critical function as the major carriers build out their 5G infrastructures.

The 5G rollout began April in the U.S. But the full promise of 5G’s download speeds and near zero latency probably won’t be realized for several years. Also, all the many small cell stations necessary to complete the 5G infrastructure will need time and capital to be done correctly.

That’s why many telecom experts look at LTE Advanced Pro as a kind of placeholder while carriers get their 5G acts together. Though considered less advanced than 5G, LTE Advanced Pro (also known as 4.5G) brings considerable advanced technological architecture of its own – in fact, LTE-Advanced PRO already allows you to use technologies that will be included in the final 5G product.

Some of  LTE Advanced Pro characteristics include:

  • Exhibits data speeds in excess of 3Gbps while significantly reducing latency from 10ms to 2ms.
  • It features carrier aggregation, which enables faster data speeds by increasing the bandwidth available to devices by using more than one channel.
  • Advanced carrier aggregation in LTE Advanced Pro also increases the number of different carriers that can be simultaneously supported from five (under LTE-A) to 32.

As a temporary solution to 5G, LTE Advanced Pro roughly doubles the network capacity without the need for any additional spectrum or base stations. The use of 4×4 MiMo antennas increases capacity by allowing multiple transmit and receive signals simultaneously, and a 256 QAM modulation scheme (an increase from 64) makes it possible to carry more bits of data per symbol, increasing throughput and making better use of the spectrum.

Other benefits delivered by LTE-Advanced Pro over earlier LTE technologies include longer battery life (up to 10x) and a closer alignment with 5G for improved network future-proofing.

It also enables private organizations to take advantage of spectrum sharing to establish private LTE networks, without having to buy a spectrum license.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers LTE Advanced Pro Training, a 3-day course that covers topics involving major advances in 3GPP Release 13 establishing the foundation of 5G.

Additionally, Tonex offers 20 more cutting edge 5G Wireless courses with titles like:

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