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People management encompass the end-to-end processes of talent acquisition, talent optimization, and talent retention while providing continued support for the business and guidance for the employees of an organization.

There are techniques and models for people management, but some of the finer and most difficult aspects often lie in the realm of ethics and core values – in short, treating people with respect.

Leadership consultants advise managers to know the personalities on their team as well as promote open communication and active listening. People can’t do what they do best if you don’t communicate with them or if they feel they can’t communicate with their managers.

Make sure that your workplace is an open and comfortable environment for conversation. In your communication with your team, give your team the information they need to succeed by being open, honest, and transparent about what is happening within your organization. Share the strategy, the goals, and the vision for where the company is heading to show your people that they have an important role within the grand scheme of things.

Equally key is mastering the art of active and empathetic listening. When employees come to management with their questions and concerns, it is crucial for managers to hear them out and address what they have shared. In feeling like they have a voice that is heard and respected, employees feel empowered.

People management is also about encouraging a spirit of learning in the work environment. This should be in the form of sending a clear message that the growth of your people is of utmost importance and priority to your organization.

For employees to do what they do best, they need to be constantly challenged. They will benefit and thrive from new opportunities to leverage and build upon their existing skills and to add additional skills to their toolkit.

It’s important for people managers to allow for each employee to set personal goals so they can achieve what they feel is valuable to their career trajectory, and adapt those goals to specific roles and responsibilities tied to an organization’s strategic priorities.

When managers support their people to get even better at what they do best, they are helping them help the entire organization.

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