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Preparing for 6G technology requires a strategic and proactive approach to long-term planning.

By investing in research and development, developing strategic partnerships, upgrading infrastructure and systems, anticipating new use cases and business models, and fostering a culture of innovation, companies can position themselves for success in the 6G era and beyond.

Regarding upgrading infrastructure and systems. Companies can begin upgrading their infrastructure and systems to support the next generation of connectivity.

This may involve deploying advanced network architectures, upgrading hardware and software components, and investing in new technologies such as edge computing and artificial intelligence to optimize performance and reliability.

Anticipating new use cases and business models is also part of preparing for 6G. Companies can also anticipate new use cases and business models enabled by 6G technology and incorporate them into their long-term planning. From ultra-low latency applications to immersive virtual experiences and autonomous systems, 6G opens up new possibilities for innovation and value creation across industries.

It may also be beneficial to invest in research and development to explore the potential applications and implications of 6G technology. This may involve conducting feasibility studies, prototyping new technologies, and collaborating with industry partners and research institutions to advance the state of the art in 6G.

Additionally, it’s been well recognized that organizations which foster a culture of innovation and agility have an easier time making the transition to new technologies. This involves encouraging employees to explore new ideas, experiment with emerging technologies, and embrace a mindset of continuous learning and improvement.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers 6G Awareness Training, a 2-day course that provides information and insights on 6G developments that can help organizations better plan on how to benefit from this evolutionary technology.

Participants will learn about the likely characteristics of 6G technology and possible scenarios on how these elements can best be utilized by CEOs and team leaders when 6G becomes operable.

Additionally, attendees will examine the inevitable challenges of establishing 6G infrastructures/applications and possible associated costs.

All told, Tonex offers more than two dozen courses in 6G technology. These courses include:

6G AI & Digital Twins

6G Cybersecurity Training Bootcamp

6G for Leaderships

6G O-RAN Fundamentals

6G Technology Training

6G Training for Non Engineers

Introduction to 6G

Next Generation 6G Networks Crash Course

How to Monetize and Sell 6G Products and Services

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