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Wi-Fi 7 (also known as IEEE 802.11be) is the upcoming Wi-Fi standard.

Wi-Fi 7 works across all three bands (2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, and 6 GHz) to fully utilize spectrum resources. While Wi-Fi 6 was built in response to the growing number of devices in the world, WiFi 7’s goal is to deliver astounding speeds for every device with greater efficiency.

In other words, consumers suffering from constant buffering, lag, or congestion, may find a Wi-Fi 7 router to be a good solution.

Wi-Fi 7 introduces 320 MHz ultra-wide bandwidth, 4096-QAM, Multi-RU, and Multi-Link Operation to provide speeds 4.8× faster than Wi-Fi 6 and 13× faster than Wi-Fi 5.

By design, it builds on Wi-Fi 6E, which introduced home networks to the recently opened, ultrawide 6GHz band — Wi-Fi 7 should continue to put that band to work, and it could introduce new features that allow devices to send data over multiple bands at the same time.

This is an especially exciting time for manufacturers of routers, such as TP-Link, which is bringing a new fleet of models to market that support Wi-Fi 7.

They’re the first Wi-Fi 7 routers to make a public debut — and it’s a particularly early one, as Wi-Fi 7 isn’t expected to launch in any official sense until 2024.

According to analysts, no one is surprised that Wi-Fi 7 has emerged so soon after the launch of Wi-Fi 6. Experts in this area believe Wi-Fi must continue to improve performance, increase spectrum efficiency, reduce costs, and, most importantly, and make the user experience better to retain its prominence.

Together with 5G, Wi-Fi will keep individuals and organizations connected and extend its reach to those among us who are still unconnected.

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