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5G has the potential to change how government works.

That’s why it’s critical for federal government agencies to  make policy and infrastructure decisions that drive useful innovations in this, the digital age.

5G, of course, can make it all happen. And within the next several months major carriers are making a giant leap from a hybrid 5G/4G to standalone (SA) 5G, which will begin to bring the long awaited features such as speed and nearly zero latency that the telecoms have been promising.

Networking professionals believe that when SA 5G infrastructures are in place for federal government agencies, they can expect a real transformation of operations.

This should provide access to unprecedented levels of real-time information from any device, anytime and anywhere, especially for field workers such as first responders, food and agricultural inspectors, law enforcement and military personnel.

5G for federal government agencies will also improve public infrastructure creating smart hyperconnected communities as well as acting as a force multiplier for other innovative technologies such as AI and multiaccess edge computing (MEC), a network architecture concept that greatly expands the abilities of cloud computing at the edge or closer to the user.

Most believe these innovations can transform public services in areas such as health care, law enforcement and mobility.

Want to learn more. Tonex offers 5G For Federal Government Agencies training, a 2-day course where government agencies learn about 5G deployment, management, cybersecurity and tools to create secure and reliable 5G communications infrastructure.

Additionally, Tonex also offers 20 more cutting edge 5G Wireless courses with titles like:

5G NR Training (2 days)

5G for Sales and Tech Sales/Support Training (2 days)

5G Wireless Training for Non Engineers (2 days)

5G Wi-Fi Offload Training (2 days)

5G and mmWave Antenna Engineering Training (3 days)

LTE Advanced Pro Training  (3 days)

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