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With endless applications and infinite possibilities, 5G promises to be extraordinary.

After a slow start with a hybrid 5G, standalone (SA) 5G is about to launch with faster speeds and near zero latency that will open up technological advances.

According to the Republican Policy Committee, the country that leads the world in the adoption of 5G technology will have a distinct technological, economic, and national security advantage over other countries.

Economically, the total volume of the global 5G technology market reached $2.7 trillion in 2020 – and this was with a watered down non standalone (NSA) version of 5G.

Additional indirect benefits and productivity gains enable the mobile industry to contribute nearly $4 trillion to the global economy (equivalent to 5% of global GDP). Mobile operators generate over 60% of the economic benefits of this entire industry. The remaining 40% is produced by other market players: infrastructure manufacturers and integrators, retailers and distributors of mobile products and services, manufacturers of mobile devices, as well as providers of mobile content, applications and services.

By 2025, 5G technologies will be used by 5 billion mobile internet users and 6 billion mobile subscribers. Properly this is the segment of the global ICT industry that is most interested in the stable and conflict-free development of 5G technologies.

Despite the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the economies of all countries, the development of 5G communication systems continues at an accelerated pace.

It is expected that from the current level of penetration (5% of users), these networks will already be available to 55-65% of users in all regions of the planet in 2025, including both individuals and small, medium and large businesses.

The desire to “bite off the biggest piece” of this ever-increasing “pie” is the main motive for the aggressive actions of all market players to conquer dominant positions.

Don’t let 5G slide in your organization. Get in the game with 5G training and make sure your company or agency is moving forward with groundbreaking 5G technology. Tonex is your 5G training specialists offering over two dozen courses, such as:

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Now is the time to put 5G to work for your organization.

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