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Clearly, 5G architecture is changing the future of artificial intelligence (AI).

The low latency and high capacity of 5G will allow AI processing to be distributed among the device, edge cloud and central cloud – enabling flexible system solutions for a variety of new and enhanced experiences.

This wireless edge architecture is adaptable and allows appropriate trade-offs to be made per use case. For example, performance and economic trade-offs may help determine how to distribute workloads to reach the required latency or compute requirements for a particular application.

Most experts in this field predict that 5G will make AI-enhanced experiences better in scenarios such as personalized retail through boundless XR, intuitive virtual assistants through vastly improved voice UI, and the reconfigurable factory of the future through adaptive optimization.

With boundless XR, rendering and AI processing workloads can be split between the device and edge cloud over a low-latency 5G link. When window shopping, the 5G/AI connection will make for a much more personalized shopping experience where everything you see is of interest to you – whether that means seeing clothes that match your taste, your interest in a particular sale, or a gift for an upcoming birthday – making shopping experiences much more engaging, productive and efficient.

5G will also advance machine learning (ML) a subset of AI that creates algorithms and statistical models to perform a specific task without using explicit instructions, relying instead on patterns and inference.

ML algorithms build mathematical models based on sample data, called training data, to make predictions or decisions without being programmed specifically for that task. Learned signal processing algorithms can empower the next generation of wireless systems with significant reductions in power consumption and improvements in density, throughput, and accuracy when compared to the brittle and manually designed systems of today.

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