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The 6G era is starting to happen as experts in this field contemplate both use cases and challenges.

These 6G challenges cover such things as mastering the physics of high-frequency signals, managing space requirements within devices for multiple wireless chips and hardware, and developing the software needed to automate the management of distributed and programmable networks.

Merely scaling existing technology is not the answer.

Experts in this area believe that very creative electrical and computer engineering as well was disruptive industrial engineering and power management will be required to meet some of these 6G challenges.

The coming 6G systems will add additional non-contiguous spectrum to an already complex spectrum map. They will also bring more sophisticated active-antenna systems, further integration into networks using other Radio Access Technologies (such as WLAN, Bluetooth, UWB, and Satellite), and joint communications and sensing technology.

Integrating all of this into a single device, such as a smartphone, will demand a huge and complex variety of radio transceiver technology.

Additionally, computing power and data storage will be ever increasing challenges for the new high-speed and programmable communication networks.

It’s highly probably that new chips will need to process signals more quickly to accommodate exponentially growing populations of devices that need to access the 6G network. All this will necessitate more power and faster storage.

Then there’s the matter of 6G digital twins. Managing the sensors required to create detailed digital twins will also likely require a great deal more processing power and fast storage space than is available on current networks.

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