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A good starting point to learn about 5G is at the beginning.

Truth is, the average person has no idea the amount of time and effort it takes to bring about a global wireless telecommunications standard. These are often decadelong affairs, involving incredible amounts of coordination and diplomacy from international standards bodies like the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (“3GPP”).

Despite the costs and complications of starting a whole new networking architecture, 5G has come to fruition amazingly fast.

The 5G era began with the first specification set of “5G New Radio” (5G NR) standards developed by 3GPP in Release 15 in late 2017. Many ideas and technology developments were tossed around over the years such as should beamforming be included in 4G LTE?  How about MIMO? What about millimeter waves?

Minimum standards for what could be considered “5G” were set forth in the International Telecommunications (ITU) IMT-2020 document, which stated that 5G systems needed to have the capability to deliver download speeds up to 20 gigabits per second. In reality, the only game in town was networks that met 3GPP’s 5G NR specification benchmarks, of which there are now over 135 5G networks deployed as of November 2020.

The major carriers began to rollout their 5G networks in April 2019. There was some confusion as to what 5G could actually do at the time, because the infrastructures for the fastest 5G (powered by high band millimeter waves) were not in place. Subsequently, the first couple of years of 5G’s existence featured an architecture that combined some elements of 5G and some elements of earlier networking architectures.

However, 5G is about to take another major step in 2021 as the major carriers prepare to offer a standalone (SA) version of 5G as opposed to the watered-down not standalone (NSA) hybrid version of 5G that has mostly existed.

What this means is 5G training for businesses, agencies and individuals is more important than ever to retain a competitive edge and take advantage of  new apps and services unleashed by 5G standalone’s possibilities.

Is your organization ready to profit from this next level of 5G technology?  Get in the game with 5G training. Tonex is your 5G training specialists offering over two dozen courses, such as:

–5G Training Crash Course (4 days)

–5G Training Cybersecurity Bootcamp (4 days)

–5G Training for Non Engineers (2 days)

–5G and mmWave Antenna Engineering Training (3 days)

–5G Training Fundamentals (2 days)

–5G Millimeter Wave Training (3 days)

–5G Training in Device to Device Communications (2 days)

–5G Cloud-Ran Training (2 days)

Now is the time to put 5G to work for your organization.

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