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For professionals who want to enhance their knowledge toward a more specialized focus, a mini-MBA is a great program.

What is the best option for busy professionals to shine their career without affecting their ongoing job ? Mini MBA Courses for busy professionals.

Mini MBA is the best solution that offers you great flexibility to get a degree with an ongoing job.

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Top Mini MBA Courses for You

Blockchain Mini MBA5 days
Cybersecurity Mini MBA Training Course5 days
Green Energy Mini MBA5 days
Mini-MBA in Business Management for Military and Veterans5 days
Oil and Gas Transformation Mini MBA5 days
Telecom Mini MBA 5 days
What is Mini MBA ?

The Mini MBA program provides an introductory insight into business, management and technology fields. And, prepares students as well as professionals for what might be a further tailored exploration.

Is Mini MBA worth to do ?

Of course yes. Although Mini MBA is not like traditional MBA degree however, it is focused as per your custom choice. It’s recommended for the professionals who want to improve their career, enrich their knowledge in particular field.

What Mini MBA courses are most popular ?

There are several popular programs like Blockchain mini mba, Cybersecurity mini mba, Telecom mini mba, Oil and gas mini mba, Green energy mini mba. See our mini mba courses list

What are the benefits?

In fact, mini mba comes with some good benefits. Mini MBA saves your time & cost, You don’t need to go back to school, Complete your course online, onsite & live online. No additional Topsy & Turvy type pressure. Job pay raise. Get professional directional support.

Which professionals should take mini MBA ?

Mini-MBA programs also appeal to professionals in other fields who want to enhance their business competency while continuing in a specific role – an architect or lawyer looking to enhance their industry business knowledge for example.

When was it started first ?

The Mini-MBA was introduced by the McGill University in Canada in 1949, designed to be a short intensive course compared to years of study.

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