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While root cause analysis (RCA) is applicable to many sectors in exposing the real cause of an issue, RCA is especially useful in the healthcare industry.

In healthcare, root cause analysis peels back the layers to reveal the genesis of different types of failures such as those from physical causes.

A physical cause is when a tangible item fails. For example, if an MRI machine at a hospital stops working and prevents a patient from receiving the proper health care, this is a physical root cause.

RCA can also pinpoint failures from human causes.

This type of root cause is when one person or several team members does something incorrectly. Human error will often lead to a physical cause. A good example of this might be when a hospital’s quality management team didn’t perform an MRI machine’s scheduled inspection, which caused it to fail.

Then there are organizational causes. An organizational root cause is when a system or process that an organization uses to do its jobs is faulty. For example, if a hospital’s quality control department mistakenly thought it was the patient safety department’s responsibility to inspect the MRI machine and nobody corrected them, this is an organizational root cause.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers Root Cause Analysis Training for Healthcare Professionals, a 3-day course that covers the concepts and rationale behind root cause analysis (RCA) methodologies, as well as tools, techniques, and the strategies should be applied in order to execute an effective root cause analysis process.

Root Cause Analysis Training for Healthcare Professionals intends to educate the foundation of this useful methodology and to improve the required skills of the participants so that they can develop and execute successful root cause analysis processes on their own in their healthcare organizations.

Other courses Tonex offers in Root Cause Analysis, includes:

Root Cause Analysis Workshop (2 days)

Root Cause Analysis for Manufacturers (2 days)

Clinical Trials and Pharmaceutical Root Cause Analysis Training (2 days)

Root Cause Analysis Training Crash Course (4 days)

Root Cause Analysis for Beginners (2 days)

Root Cause Analysis Training for Supervisors (2 days)

Root Cause Analysis for Engineers (2 days)

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