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Blockchain is here and making a difference, yet studies show that only 25% of U.S. adults are even familiar with the term.

Due to blockchain’s perceived complexity, blockchain can seem like a daunting technology to learn, which is why training like that offered by Tonex can be helpful.

In reality, organizations really need to be paying more attention to blockchain. Many analysts believe that blockchain is among the most relevant and important technology topics of 2022 due to a variety of factors — namely, its nearly unhackable framework and immutable, cryptographic data storage.

While blockchain was originally built to support bitcoin alone, it has since grown to address the rapid advancements in big data usage and value.

Blockchain is predicated on cybersecurity because it utilizes communal oversight and layered digital cryptography to protect data which makes it difficult to hack or otherwise manipulate.

Cryptography, or the code-based process of preventing unwanted parties from accessing data, is another important part of blockchain security development.

Additionally, data structures are an integral part of blockchain development, as developers often work with numerous, differentiated structures and implement them in blockchain networks. A data structure is essentially any method of storing and organizing data and, in blockchain, this concept is particularly important because it can refer to the structure of a single block, a connection between two blocks, or the blockchain in its entirety.

Data structures serve as a natural foundation to higher-level blockchain knowledge. They represent the basic framework upon which all blockchain networks operate and are a strong gateway into more advanced topics within data storage, distribution, and defense.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers a 5-day Blockchain Mini MBA program that addresses blockchain technology, business, leaderships, tools, and concepts that can help effectively manage development and provide a guidance to improve business decisions.

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