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Blockchain technology is going mainstream – quickly.

A major blockchain trend in 2023 is the growth in enterprise operations that rely on blockchain. The decentralized nature of blockchains offers improved security, transparency and protection from cyber-attacks, which is why more companies are likely to leverage this technology to their benefit.

An enterprise blockchain is a sophisticated implementation of a permissioned blockchain system specifically designed to optimize and streamline business operations on a massive scale. This technology can keep a ledger of supply chain management and facilitate seamless payment settlements across the globe.

Unlike a public blockchain, an enterprise blockchain is anonymous to the general public. Also, the enterprise blockchain is not open to anyone; the firm that controls the private blockchain determines who can view, change or add data to the digitally linked nodes.

A private blockchain isn’t decentralized in the same manner that a public blockchain is. The P2P aspect remains, but the relationship may exist as business-to-consumer or business-to-business, as seen with a consortium blockchain.

Enterprise blockchain’s intrinsic security and privacy limit the ability of an outside party to alter the data. An unapproved external user couldn’t interact with the recorded data unless the controlling firm granted access.

Analysts believe blockchain technology will only become more prevalent in time. Incorporating innovative tools such as digital assets, enterprise blockchains, and quantum computing across certain industries can be transformative to the current tech world.

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