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For most individuals and organizations, the difficult thing about blockchain is just understanding it.

That’s why the Blockchain Mini MBA is a great way to really dig into all aspects of blockchain technology and gain insights that can help guide your organization to a more profitable future.

The first thing to understand is that blockchain is still in its infancy, yet, has demonstrated immense potential in the past few years. 

Blockchain technology was initially developed as the underlying backbone for the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Later on, blockchain has since been adopted for many other use cases like smart contracts, supply chain tracking, loan origination, identity management, and more. 

Basically, blockchain works by grouping transactions into blocks that are cryptographically linked to one another. This blockchain is continuously updated, with new blocks being added to it every 10 minutes on average.

Transactions are confirmed by miners who use powerful computers to solve complex mathematical puzzles in order to add new blocks. 

Another key feature of blockchain technology: The blockchain is decentralized. No single entity or government controls it. Instead, the blockchain realm relies on computers all around the world to maintain its integrity and security. 

Analysts report that big things are happening in blockchain technology and the number of startups and businesses that are adopting blockchain technology is only going to increase in the coming years.

One trend that’s developing now is the implementation of blockchain in government sectors. In fact, governments worldwide are looking into the benefits of blockchain technology.

Experts predict governments will use blockchain for various applications, such as verifying identities, monitoring public records and transactions, and improving healthcare. 

Want to learn more? Tonex offers a 5-day Blockchain Mini MBA program that addresses blockchain technology, business, leaderships, tools, and concepts that can help effectively manage development and provide a guidance to improve business decisions.

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