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Business writing skills have always been important, but in today’s age of technology, they are even more so.

Being able to accurately and succinctly convey what you are trying to say is an invaluable skill, especially when your audience is busy and has limited time. In addition, careless mistakes in business writing can have a negative impact on business negotiations, etc.

Take business writing skills applied to WhatsApp or company email. Most people aren’t willing to put in the time to sit down and read through a novel-length email or message, so the writing needs to be tight, succinct, and grab the reader’s attention in the first couple lines.

The challenge with making things more concise is preserving the clarity of the message that you are trying to convey. When trying to make something as short as possible, the true meaning of what you are saying can easily be lost.

In a world of 140 character tweets and sound bites, what you are saying needs to be both clear and concise.

But the most obvious reason that good business writing is important is that it will give your company credibility.

If you lack good writing skills, you may seem less intelligent or less qualified than your competition, and if your writing has obvious mistakes, potential customers will not feel confident in paying money for your services.

Good business writing inspires confidence in you and your business. With impending deadlines and spellcheck, it is easy to get careless and make mistakes, but in order to establish credibility and trustworthiness, each piece of writing must be well-written.

Want to know more? Tonex offers Business Writing Skills Training, a 2-day course that delivers fundamental styles and methods for facing any form of writing task — and interacting with your audience about what they really need to know.

Business Writing Skills Training is designed for business personnel at all levels who are interested in a fast and easy way to effective business writing.

Additionally, Tonex offers over five dozen other courses in Business Skills. Training covers everything from business writing and briefing skills to SOW Writing and Risk Management. Here are just a few of our courses in Business Skills:

Strategic Planning and Management Training (3 days)

Time Management and Organizational Skills (2 days)

Writing for Engineers, Scientists and Technical Managers (2 days)

Scope Management and Baseline Development (2 days)

Conflict Management Training (1 day)

Corporate Social Responsibility Training (2 days)

For more information, questions, comments, contact us.

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