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Conflict management is a skillset sometimes overlooked in this era of fast technological advancements.

But experts in conflict management believe that conflict resolution in a workplace should never be taken lightly. Managing conflict well can help find creative solutions to internal relationship issues, and can help to prevent environments that breed negativity, stress, demotivation and general employee unrest.

Studies show how negative environments have higher absence rates, above average staff turnover, can turn whole departments against each other and lead to unhappy staff who are always on the lookout for something better.

Having the correct skillset to resolve conflict cannot be overemphasized. For one thing, to manage conflict effectively you must be a skilled communicator. That includes creating an open communication environment in your unit by encouraging employees to talk about work issues.

Individuals who handle conflict in a respectful, optimistic way create the chance for growth and learning within an organization.

Communicating clearly, empathetically and patiently leads to favorable outcomes and keeps professional relationships strong.

The goal of conflict management is to minimize the negative factors that are influencing the conflict and encourage all participants to come to an agreement. Successful conflict management results in a mutually beneficial outcome that’s agreed upon by each party.

Effective conflict management is also important because of what companies stand to lose without it.

One study found that U.S. employees spend 2.8 hours each week dealing with conflict which comes to $359 billion in paid hours (based on an average hourly wage of $17.95) in companies across the country.

Conflict management needs to be quick and hit the target before poor morale spreads among a team of colleagues and creates an angry environment with a “us versus them” mentality that can make employees resistant to leadership and each other.

Further escalated, this can begin to lead to theft, sabotage, and even violence given the right mix of things. The dismissal of employees is even more expensive for employers.

There are conflict management strategies for dealing with these issues. But probably the most important strategy is make sure your organization doesn’t ignore conflicts.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers Conflict Management Training Fundamentals, a 2-day course where participants learn the causes of conflict and how to prevent issues before they escalate. Participants also learn stress management techniques, and how to become more self-aware of conflict and its effect on the workplace.

Additionally, Tonex offers over five dozen other courses in Business Skills. Training covers everything from business writing and briefing skills to SOW Writing and Risk Management. Here are just a few of our courses in Business Skills:

Strategic Planning and Management Training (3 days)

Time Management and Organizational Skills (2 days)

Writing for Engineers, Scientists and Technical Managers (2 days)

Scope Management and Baseline Development (2 days)

Conflict Management Training (1 day)

Corporate Social Responsibility Training (2 days)

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