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Cybersecurity should be a rising key issue on the radar of organizations everywhere.

Besides the financial chaos caused by cyber-attacks, study after study now shows that security and privacy are highly valued by customers. Add to that, regulators at all levels are stepping into the topic, and organizations without an effective cybersecurity plan could be facing major fines if data falls into the hands of cybercriminals.

An organization’s brand value is staked largely on how well it protects its data, reputation and trust, and on the strength of its cybersecurity technology, teams and processes.

Once considered the sole responsibility of CIOs and CISOs, CFOs are now involved as well. Customers, investors and board members often factor security posture into company valuations and how they approach deals, partnerships and strategic decisions. 

While there are considerable approaches to better cybersecurity, professionals in this field recommend that organizations first focus on the most likely threats. In general, it’s unnecessary and, in reality, impossible to test an organization’s security stack against every threat.

It’s usually more effective from a cybersecurity standpoint to look forward rather than backward to understand the threats most likely to target your organization, how bad actors will carry out their attacks, and what systems or applications they’ll target.

CFOs should be aware of the threats that matter most to their industry with similar infrastructure and regulatory requirements.

Also, take a look at other companies in the same industry or sector that have already been targeted, how the cyber-attacks played out, and how likely is your organization to be next.

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