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Studies confirm that green energy is a winning strategy for organizations, consumers and the environment.

One of the most thorough studies comes from The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) report.

This research concludes that doubling the share of renewables by 2030 would bring a range of positive impacts including an increase in global gross domestic product (GDP) up to 1.1%, improvement of global welfare by 3.7% and over 24 million people working in the renewable energy sector.

This study provides the latest evidence that mitigating climate change through the deployment of renewable energy and achieving other socio-economic objectives are mutually beneficial. Thanks to the growing business case for renewable energy, an investment in one is an investment in both.

Buying green and renewable energy offers several business benefits. First, renewable energy helps businesses reduce their consumption of resources such as fossil fuels and water. As a result, they may see savings on utility bills.

Also, green energy lowers companies’ greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. This can provide a reputational boost as consumers and other stakeholders recognize them as businesses that are concerned with the community’s well-being.

Additionally, buying renewable energy enables companies to stimulate the economy. More new jobs translate to higher consumer spending, which is beneficial to businesses.

Organizations that are knowledgeable in green energy modalities have a competitive advantage. Clearly, research is pretty clear that green energy and renewable energy safeguards companies against fluctuating oil and electricity supplies and prices, and helps them reduce their resource consumption.

Further, buying renewable energy establishes companies’ reputations as institutions that care for the public welfare.

As other sectors of society start buying renewable energy, other benefits of renewable energy will become more pronounced.

For governments, buying renewable energy can help reduce pollution. For communities, buying renewable energy can eliminate poverty and inequality. When all sectors of society are involved in buying renewable energy, its potential and impacts are maximized.

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