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The mini-MBA is an accelerated MBA program that concentrates one to two years of tuition into approximately 40 hours.

The mini-MBA was first introduced at McGill University in Canada in 1949 and, since then, universities, colleges and even corporations have offered mini-MBA courses that allow students to get a foundational understanding of business administration.

Some mini-MBAs are broad-spectrum, giving an overview of all aspects of business. Others focus on a specific aspect, such as digital marketing or social media.

The mini-MBA, of course, should not be confused with a full MBA (Master of Business Administration). A full MBA covers every aspect of business in a formal, postgraduate setting. It is one of the most expensive postgraduate courses, which has contributed to the appeal of the much less expensive mini-MBA which is all about students getting an introductory insight into business education.

The mini-MBA is also popular with professionals who desire to enhance their business knowledge in one particular area of business. That, or they are looking to increase their general business competence.

Studies show that there are two main types of professional participants that partake in a mini-MBA:

  • Mini-MBAs are taken by business professionals who are looking to enhance their knowledge of a specific area. These candidates may specifically look for mini-MBAs that specialize in certain areas, such as marketing, strategy, leadership or entrepreneurship.

  • They are also taken by professionals employed in different sectors, such as law, who need to brush up on their business knowledge but do not need a full MBA degree

Want to learn more? Tonex offers several 5-day Mini-MBA programs that offer professionals an opportunity to maintain their career trajectory with an efficient, focused injection of modern concepts, essential technology, leadership and strategy.

Participants learn from real-world industry experts in a highly interactive environment.

Our programs:

Blockchain Mini MBA

Cybersecurity Mini MBA Training Course

Green Energy Mini MBA

Mini-MBA in Business Management for Military and Veterans

Oil and Gas Transformation Mini MBA

Telecom Mini MBA

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