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In the telecom industry, where the product life cycle is extremely short, innovation has become a necessity and not an option.

Telecom companies need to develop cutting edge technologies in order to sustain organization, systemization, and efficiency.

Because of constant technological advances, telecom companies have to be reactive and each potential technology has to be evaluated, discussed and integrated as quickly as possible.

Additionally, success or failure in the telecom industry depends on the creation of a dynamic, competitive, innovative telecommunications infrastructure.

For telecom-connected organizations, the first step to success is a total understanding of the telecom industry, including future projections. Educational programs such as the Tonex Telecom Mini MBA can help to better understand current telecom issues such as the cloud, advances in data processing speeds, data breaches and cybersecurity issues.

The continued rollout of 5G has also many implications that need to be thoroughly understood.

In general, there is a shift away from big iron (custom-made hardware) in the telecom industry and a shift to community hardware – generic, easily obtainable servers that are less expensive to manufacture and can be turned into any item of network infrastructure.

Another trend is the containerization of virtual machines, which is the idea that you can spin up new machines in your data center by clicking a button, turn them into whatever infrastructure you need at that moment and get rid of them once you don’t need them.

For service providers, this means they can increase and decrease the size of their infrastructure according to user demand.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers Telecom Mini MBA, a 5-day program designed for senior managers, middle managers, mid-level telecommunications managers acquiring in-depth knowledge in all aspects of the global telecommunications business, technology, leadership and management.

The Telecom Mini MBA is designed for experienced or high potential managers who are seeking a stronger foundation in current business theory and practice, or managers who have experience in one area and want exposure to other areas to qualify for positions of increased responsibility.

Tonex also offers several more Mini-MBA programs:

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