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Future Generation Wireless Technology (FutureG)

As the foundation for connecting people and businesses, the telecom industry plays a critical role in nearly everything we do.

However, the telecom sector often finds itself in a state of perpetual expansion as new wireless communication generations come and go and innovative technologies suddenly appear that change everything.

Consequently, analysts contend that ushed by rapid advances in technology, telecom operators need to think, research and adapt their products to meet the needs of a tech-hungry consumer.

A big issue for telecoms is that while connectivity has never been more important, markets and business models have shifted, and so have the expectations of customers regarding versatility, accessibility and sustainability.

Coming to terms with Gen Z consumers has been particularly challenging.

That’s because the rise of the digital native has raised consumer expectations for high-performance connectivity.

Market research bears this out and shows that Gen Z consumers generally prefer digitally enabled experiences and on-demand convenience as well as high-quality authenticity in games, shopping, and content.

Simultaneously, 5G use cases have finally materialize and are starting to deliver on the promises first promulgated years ago. 5G, especially with the coming of 5G Advanced, has developed sufficiently in 2023 to give a major boost to IoT and massive connectivity of devices.

The importance of IoT comes from remote access capability to base stations and data centers. Most players in the telecom industry are expected to increase the adoption of IoT to exploit the benefits bestowed by the technology.

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