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The telecom sector has become increasingly crowded as the era of digitalization has advanced.

In fact, telecommunications is the most competitive and fastest-growing market in the world. Dynamic competition in telecom is produced by battles among companies to produce more reliable or more economical commodities.

Analysts are quick to point out that telecom has changed almost all roads of individuals such as culture, education, social, and even political lives. Telecommunication has launched many devices such as telecom towers, routers, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), fiber-optics, smart TV, smart radios, antennas, and smartphones. 

With all the competitors in telecom, the natural question is this: How does one company stand out over another?

Most feel the competitive advantage lies in knowledge, such as training offered by Tonex in its Telecom Mini MBA program.

This competitive advantage manifests in the form of efficient network management, which relies on knowing how the network is used.

Additionally, telecom firms compete vigorously to win competitive advantage through research and development and their overall licensing and partnership.

Research is especially crucial. Telecom companies with insight and vision tap architectures that are more likely to produce future products consumers want. Some of these future trends include:

  • Fiber deployment required for connectivity
  • IoT with LoRaWAN
  • Machine learning and process mining
  • Blockchain asset inventory
  • Structure calculation

Want to learn more? Tonex offers Telecom Mini MBA, a 5-day program designed for senior managers, middle managers, mid-level telecommunications managers acquiring in-depth knowledge in all aspects of the global telecommunications business, technology, leadership and management.

The Telecom Mini MBA is designed for experienced or high potential managers who are seeking a stronger foundation in current business theory and practice, or managers who have experience in one area and want exposure to other areas to qualify for positions of increased responsibility.

Tonex also offers several more Mini-MBA programs:

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