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Satellite technology plays a key role in making the IoT a reality.

In return, the ever-expanding IoT promises to deliver many kinds of new services enabled by the relentless shift toward the interconnected network of devices, as well as set the stage for unleashing the next wave of disruptive technologies.

Here are 5 ways satellite communications impacts the IoT:

  1. Business operations that extend to geographically remote environments depend on satellites to provide the critical communication means to conduct remote facility monitoring and real-time asset management at unmanned sites and offshore platforms.
  2. City administrators around the world are harnessing the power of the IoT to drive energy efficiency measures and smarter resource allocation to help make cities more sustainable; for instance, satellite is key to enabling smart grids to be extended to remote regions where terrestrial networks fall short.
  3. Then there’s speed. The future landscape of the IoT involves the exchange of data between interconnected objects to facilitate quicker decision making and enhance business processes. As such, the emergence of IoT is therefore driving up the demand for high broadband speeds to support bandwidth-intensive applications in real time. Users need to invest in mobile satellite equipment designed to deliver industry-leading broadband speeds with ease.
  4. Cost: Terrestrial networks can be costly to deploy in some remote regions, and mobile satellite services are still widely viewed as a more affordable communications technology over other existing satellite platforms.
  5. Satellite communications also are driving the use of sensor networks. Energy and mining companies are exploring more extensive usage of satellite-based sensor networks to support their offshore exploration projects.

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