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Read Satellite Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

What is a Satellite?

A satellite is an object that revolves or orbits a larger object in space.

What is Satellite Communication?

Satellite communication in telecommunications uses artificial satellites to provide communication links between different points on the earth.

How many satellites are currently in orbit?

Nearly 5,000 Satellites are currently in orbit.

What Are Satellites Used For?

Television, telephone, Internet, Military Communication, Navigation, Business and Finance, Weather, Climate and Environmental Monitoring, Security.

What Are the Parts of a Satellite?

Satellites have two parts in common: Antenna and power source.

What Was the First Satellite in Space?

In the late 1950s first artificial satellite launched by The Soviet Union.

What are the Basic Components of SATCOM (Satellite Communication)?

Satellite communication consists of two main parts: Satellite and Ground Station.

What are the common types of satellites?

Communication Satellites, Navigation Satellites, Weather Satellites, Military and Civilian Earth Observation Satellites, Space telescopes.

What are the Satellite communications steps?

The up-link earth station sends the required signal to the Satellite; the Satellite amplifies the input signal and changes the frequency, and sends the signal back to the Earth, the ground equipment receives the signal.

What are the modules of a typical satellite?

Bus module, Communication payload.

Why SATCOM is crucial for the military?

Intelligence collection, navigation and communications.

How do satellites get energy?

Satellites obtain energy from sunlight. For this, they used an array of solar panels.

Altitude classification of geocentric orbit.

Low Earth orbit (LEO), Medium Earth orbit (MEO), High Earth orbit (HEO).

Recommended Satellite training, courses and certifications.

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